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Chamonix Ski Trip

Chamonix Ski Tour Experience: Overview of the March 2015 LGA Trip

Chamonix, France- home to the first winter Olympics in 1924 and the birthplace of modern day extreme sports. When we first started thinking of locations for our Europe, a Chamonix ski tour was at the top of the list. Rich in history, culture, and surrounded by some of the most...
Ski Chamonix

Why You Have To Ski Chamonix, France

Article courtesy of Snowbrains.com Chamonix, France is the birthplace of modern skiing.  It’s the birthplace of extreme skiing.  Chamonix is the most legendary place in skiing.  If you love skiing you have to Ski Chamonix.  Chamonix is skiing’s heartbeat. If you haven’t bee...
Aerial tramway La Grave France

Making the Epic Pilgrimage to Legendary La Grave, France

Article courtesy of Snowbrains.com La Grave, France is every passionate skier and snowboarder’s dream come true. La Grave is raw. It’s expansive and unbridled. There are no ropes, no boundaries, nor limits in La Grave. You do what your soul wills and your decisions are your own....
Epic Trips For Your Soul