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Rob Jarvis, Le Grand Adventure Tours, Financial Manager

Rob Jarvis | Finance Manager | Guide

Rob has been very passionate about mtn biking, surfing and climbing for a majority of his life. Over the last 30-35 years he has traveled up and down the California coast, Mexico and Costa Rica looking for the perfect wave, climbed in world class destinations such as Yosemite and the Sierra’s, Joshua Tree, Red Rocks and the Tetons, searched for perfect mtn bike trails from the Bay Area up to the Lost Coast and out in the Sierra’s. Rob loves taking on new challenges. After being away from snow sports for 10-12 years Rob was reintroduced to back-country skiing via a trip up the flanks of Lassen Peak. Rob was born for adventure.

Rob has worked with small outdoor oriented businesses for over 30 years as an Accountant and/or Financial Manager including surf shops, Otter Bay Camps, (a two-week day camp for underprivileged kids.) He served as the business manager at the camp, as well as an instructor for surfing, climbing, and ropes courses.  Rob is an avid surfer, cyclist and climber with a great love and respect for the outdoors. Rob holds a B.S. in Accounting from Central Connecticut State University.

  • Favorite Trip

    Every trip is my favorite trip! First time up El Cap in Yosemite taking in the sights of the valley like I never had before, first trip to Downieville to experience 25-30 miles of downhill with all the stunning views and my first trip to Santa Cruz, a place I still haven’t left!
  • Favorite Place To Play

    Favorite place to ski would have to be Telluride. Favorite place to mtn bike is anywhere in the Sierra’s and I will most likely be found surfing Pleasure Point, no need to go anywhere else for world class waves!
  • Current Home

    Santa Cruz, CA
  • My Passions

    Mtn Biking, Surfing, Climbing. Basically if its fun, its a passion!

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